I hold the ACE

One very day in Church after the Sunday service, we had a special program titled I Hold the ACE. The program was organized by the church leaders who invited three guests who not only specializes in these three areas (Academia, Career, and Entrepreneur) but are also models to be emulated seeing they have thrived in the ladder of success on their different fields. After a wonderful and spirit stirring message by the guest speakers, you could imagine what would be going on in the minds of the audience full of youngsters. All in our minds now is to go out there and succeed – we saw the need why we must make it no matter the pain, we must succeed.

After the message, one of the leaders stepped forward and mount the pulpit, took the microphone and asked us a question. “What is the single [stately] tallest structure in the world?” He said. But it seems we don’t have any idea to his question, we were just staring at him. He answered, “The great wall of China” Hmmm. At least we know this one.

At first I don’t seem to know why he asked us such question but I perceived he has seen the blood boiling in our young hearts before he asked that question. After telling us the answer to the question, he went ahead and told us a brief story about China’s great wall.

Now, I don’t know about others, but there was something he said in his conclusion that dawned on me and that was the purpose of his question, and that was the purpose of the story. It was to remind us that something is more important.

(Roughly narrating him), “China spent so much money, resources, time, effort, including human beings (because some died while the great wall was been built) building ‘walls’ and never spent any time, money, effort or resources to build men. When the city was invaded by the barbarians, these barbarians neither climbed the wall nor tried to break through by force into the city, but they entered through the main gate. This was because they never built men but ‘Walls’

He continued (now applying direct to us). “Are you building ‘walls’ – career walls, academic walls, entrepreneurship walls, etc. without concentrating on building your character?”

He pleaded with us to build our character because this is what will keep us while climbing the ladder of success.
Finally, I’ll say, your character will make a way for you and it is your character that will eventually determine your height or altitude in life. Character is everything. It does not depend on who you are or what you have. A successful man with no character is nothing but a failure.