Can our Bibles be made bigger?

I was in a program – An Easter Retreat to be precise which is normally held nation-wide yearly, and in this program there are lot and lot of inspiration coming from the servant of God in all the various and numerous messages that was thought that does not need to be overlooked. I couldn’t get a jotter before going for the program and unfortunately that period I was broke and couldn’t even buy one (jotter) at the venue. I found myself writing every inspiration coming to me in any piece of paper I could lay my hands on, both the ones I found inside my bible, in my bag, and even on the program sheet. It was at the heat and desperation of getting all this inspiration jotted down without missing on any just because of the absence of a jotter that the thought came to me – “Can our bibles be made bigger?”

This is a very serious question – at least to me if not to you because I mean every word of that statement. Now what do I mean by this statement? I mean to say, “Can our bibles have notes together with them as follow come?” I don’t mean the five to six extra spaces that are meant for taking notes which is normally found in some Bibles, I mean real note – at least the amount of notes (spaces) that can be found in a twenty-leaf exercise book and more than depending on the size of the Bible. I think that will be a great idea and now it’s no more an idea but something that should be done as soon as possible.

Why our Bibles should be made bigger:
When this is done, what we jotted down – every message, inspiration, promise we receive and are prompted to write down, will be closer to us than what we jot down somewhere in an external book that we may carelessly keep somewhere or misplace. So am soliciting to all BFN and producers of the Holy Bible to please put into consideration this new invention and take the necessary action. I believe this will encourage people to get a copy of the Bible in which they can quickly put down what God whispers or minister to them as they read it. It will also foster their relationship between them and the Word and they would hold the bible with high esteem.

So many people at one point or the other, Christ have whispered some things into their ear but because they didn’t put it down – maybe they thought they will remember, or they were not close to a pen and paper at the spot and were also lazy to try to get one, they forget what God had told them and still go about ignorant of God’s wonderful promises to them

In conclusion to this post, I have asked the big question, “Can our Bibles be made bigger?” and yes! It can. It is possible. This post should serve as an encouragement to all those who love to write especially when in the presence of God whether personal – in your room or when in the church with God’s children. It is also encouraging others to write. It is good to write – though not everything but writing is very important because what you write sticks. Writing is Golden

Show me a man that never jots anything and I will show you a man that never remember anything

Thanks for reading this post and I pray this big question will stick in your heart.