Are you cleaving or leaving? (Ruth and Orpah case study)

(Ruth and Orpah case study) – Ruth 1:1-18

Today’s exposition is a case study of Ruth and Orpah, two Moabite converts who were married to Mahlon and Chilion, Noami’s sons respectively. The story of Ruth and Orpah is a very inspiring and thought provoking one. It is a call to self-reflection for every believer to know if they truly love God. It also serves as a question to us whether we are going to cleave to the Lord when things go bad, or leave.

This exposition is divided into four main sections

vs. 1-4; talks about Elimelech’s migration to Moab with his family
vs. 5-8; talks about the test of their faith (Ruth and Orpah)
vs. 10-14; shows us the authenticity of their conversion
vs. 15-18; talks about Ruth’s steadfastness in following the Lord.

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Challenges of life are inevitable, and God allow some, even difficult ones come our way to try us and to see the stuff we are made of. He perhaps want to know if we like Ruth and Orpah, will cleave to him or leave. This is the time to prove our loyalty and allegiance to the One who we profess to love.

The confession of Ruth should be the confession of every believer to follow the Lord no matter what. I personally learnt from this story not to faint but hang on till the end. I want to also encourage you not to faint when you are faced with adversity because at the end, there is hope with God. May God give us the grace to hold on to him till the very last. Amen.