Our Calling, Signpost to Rendering an Acceptable Service to God

Our Calling, Signpost to Rendering an Acceptable Service to God – Serving God acceptably in your Calling. Is rendering an acceptable service hinged on God’s calling upon our lives? Yes! Imagine a scenario where you sent a child on an errand and that child ended up doing something different, though it’s […]

Becoming a true follower of Christ

Becoming a follower of Christ may sound similar to believing in Jesus, little wonder you may hear people say, “I’m a follower of Christ” but can you take a moment to understand what it truly means to follow Christ? In the New Testament, when Christ called his first disciples, he […]

The Believers’ Responsibility Under A Better Covenant

Christ has obtained a more superior ministry for new testament believers, giving them a better covenant that enables them do what the people under the older covenant could not do.
His law now written in their hearts and his holy spirit dwelling within them, helps in walking consistently with God and gives them a better understanding of his word.

Believers are therefore expected to live beyond the periphery of God’s law and draw near to him in deeper devotion.