Lessons from the people of Laish; an application of Judges chapter 18

The tribe (a family) of the Danites overthrew the city of Laish when they saw how careless and indifferent of danger they lived. The Zidonians was said to be the closest neighbor to Laish and they were also known to be a very large and powerful people. According to Judges 18:7, it was recorded that the people of Laish lived after the manner of the Zidonians, which gives us a clue on their influence on them.

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Since they were bordered by this powerful people, their sense of security was gone! They lived quiet and secure not realizing that they were actually far from Zidon. Judges 18:7

This exposition serves as a lesson to believers who should learn from the lifestyle of the people of Laish, formerly called, Leshem, whose delusion exposed them to sudden attack without a deliverer.

Let’s not be ignorant of the wiles of the devil who loves to take his victim into a tight corner. He achieves this by giving them this false sense of security like the people of Laish – it may be in form of economy prosperity, knowledge, possession, etc. He then separate them in isolation (they have no business with any man), and finally strike without any one to help.