Faith Nwabuisi

Born in the Western part of Nigeria, is a teacher of God’s word and a promoter of purposeful living. Having found grace in God’s eyes, she has been empowered to help others understand the mind of Christ and spread his message across the globe through her writing. This is the reason moment with God came into existence, to serve as the starting point from which the ultimate purpose of God will be met as lives get impacted for His glory by all means.

His enduring love to mankind is what this platform bring to you. As you read and listen, may you find grace, receive nourishment and be strengthened in your faith.

MWG Mission

Moment with God is a budding ministry that seeks to bring humanity closer to God through inspired teachings. It has only begun with the baby step of faith with many other phases yet to be realized. The goal is to help the world see God’s all-encompassing goodness through various means, and help us live out our potential to the full for God’s glory

MWG Resources

Other ways moment with God seek to reach out to the world and be a source of encouragement is through devotionals, magazines, books, Apps, etc. Along with God-centered inspired teachings on health, relationship/marriage, children, women, men, etc. via this website

Ministry Partner/Funding

Moment with God invites you and as many that the Lord has blessed with the necessary resources, to join in reaching this goal by becoming a ministry partner.

As God raises up people to deliver his message to the world, he also raise up those to support the work
Luke 8:1-3; 10:1-7;

How you can help:

– Prayer: Your prayers and voice to God on our behalf is nonnegotiable for the prosperity of God’s work through us. It will indeed go a long way to making sure that this purpose of God is accomplished in the life of many

– Financial Contribution: Your commitment to contributing financially to the work will help moment with God create and disburse rich, God-centered resources for the joy of many, and see to the continual sustenance and growth of the ministry. Kindly visit our support page to learn more. Give to support MWG

– Sharing: Your knowledge of the Word and years of experience as a matured believer in any aspect of life and in the Christian faith can be of tremendous help to someone. As part of contributing, you can assist in coming up with topics for our devotions, magazines, or in development mobile applications as God has blessed you. If you can give in any of these areas, kindly send a request with the link below.

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