A better way to begin the new year

A Better Way to Begin the New Year

Every new year marks a new beginning because it is another opportunity God is presenting to us to do some things differently. A lot of people, including myself, is filled with that excitement about the new year, because it is like having a fresh breath for a fresh start, but I believe you understand that there is nothing actually new when the year eventually start counting if nothing changes in us. In no time, everything and everyone return to the normal. It turns to a normal year again with everyone looking forward to a new one

What will indeed make the year new is something that goes beyond that temporal ecstasy of being at the edge of the new year. We need to take a step further by being willing to hear a definite word from God about the coming year for us. God has plan for everyone every passing day, week, month or year, but that plan is made known when we are desirous to hear from him and to know it. God is an intentional God, and we have to be very intentional too if we want to see anything new in our lives. So, we need to intentionally ask him to tell us something we can live for this year, and by doing so, he will drop a word or two for as many that wait and listens to hear from him.

Think about the children of Israel in Egypt who has been serving the Egyptian with hard bondage. A time came, and God spoke to Moses about his plans to deliver his people. In Exodus 12:2 the word of the LORD came to Moses, saying, “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year to you.”  They were not in a month that begins the year but because the same month was the time heaven has purposed to do something new in bringing out all Israelites from the land of Egypt, God declared it a new month for the Israelites-that is, one to start the year. Before this word came from the Lord to Moses, every new year has been just as other years for the Israelites, nothing was actually changing. They remained in bondage the previous years as they were in the preceding years, even though they increased in number and strength, but after they have known the word of the Lord for them by the mouth of Moses, their mindset changed, their hearts became prepared to leave Egypt and they can now begin to challenge Pharaoh to let them go! The point is, it is the word we get from God that brings something new into our lives. Our new year can start any day or month if we do hear from God.

A better way to begin the new year, and every single day is by hearing a word from God. A word from God is able to make us run the following 365 days purposefully. It is able to give us the needed strength, grace and tenacity to take certain actionable steps we wouldn’t have taken on a normal day. A word from God can give us a new plan and goal to live for each year even though we may have written down other plans, and if we make it our duty to give ourselves to it, we will soon realize so much in it that will drive a sense of purpose in us and help us make better decisions.

Entering The Year With The Word

2023 is here. Let’s do something different this time around. I want to encourage you to begin the year with the word of God. Taking a bite of it each day is a good decision you can take now and always. If you already have a study plan you follow, great. But if you do not have one and would like to start reaching for the word, I’ve organized a Bible Study Club+ group for 2023 where people come together to study the word, learn and share.

The group originally started in 2020 on WhatsApp during the time of the pandemic. It was aimed at bringing people together to exercise themselves in the word and to go through the entire Bible in one year, and fortunately, the group has continued until now. Not that people can’t open their Bibles and read for themselves but there is a difference when they are in the midst of others who are doing the same, interacting, asking or sharing together. While such groups or community may seem like a routing, it is one way we train ourselves to hear from God on things pertaining to us specifically. The word of God is ever new. So, no matter how many times we look into it, there is always a promise, revelation or admonition for everyone.

In 2023, we are taking a different approach on our Bible study because we want to create room for flexibility in the sense that everyone participating in the exercise can meet up with other life’s commitment. The previous years has not been so easy and a lot of us struggle to catch up. To help everyone and to retain the group’s relevance we are adopting a 2-years reading/study plan which I was privileged to get from the Bible Study Together website after ransacking the internet for a better plan.

Join Bible Study Club+ in 2023

Ready to begin a new year? Join Bible Study Club+

Bible Study Club

Bible Study Club+ is a community of Bible students who learn and share together as they study the Bible. You know it’s not easy to study the Bible alone without having who to ask questions or share your thoughts with, I have formed this group to encourage people do so. So, if you would like to join us, kindly indicate your interest so that you will be added to the club as soon as possible.

It is called Bible Study Club+ because you will be learning everything that will help you grow both spiritually and otherwise. You will be making a good decision if you decide to be a part of us, and I can’t wait to personally see you there!

Wishing you a year of advancement in every sphere of life!

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