Are you being sustained by God?

One interesting fact about God is that sometimes before his promised abundance comes our way it is preceded by a period of sustenance. But not everyone knows this truth which makes some run outside the will of God in search of abundance elsewhere.

Sustenance is a period when you have little for yourself. It is a period you have just enough for the present moment. During this period, you eat the same kind of meal all the time with nothing to spare. There is no room for luxury.

From the Bible, there are men and women, families, and even nations, that God sustained, and he is still sustaining many today.

Take, for instance, from the Bible, Elijah, the widow of Zarephath, her son, the children of Israel in the wilderness, Joseph, the Egyptians, and other countries.

Elijah, during a period of famine was instructed by God to go to a desert place in the east of Jordan where he will send a raven to feed him at the brook Cherith. And just as God has said, he sent a raven to Elijah that brought him A piece of bread and flesh in the morning. And a piece of bread and flesh in the evening.

When the raven stopped coming, God instructed Elijah to go to Zarephath where he commanded a widow to sustain him. As one source closes, God made provision for another source. (Ref. 1 Kings 17:1-6)

At Zarephath, Elijah, the widow, and her son were sustained with A handful of meal and a little oil, continually every day. (1 Kings 17:7-16)

Also, the children of Israel in the wilderness ate Manna which was rained down to them from heaven every day for 40 years (Ref. Exo. 16:35)

Joseph in the land of Egypt sold corn to all Egyptians, families, and countries for 7 years. (Ref. Gen. 41:57)


Sustenance is not the same as poverty. Even though you eat little, and the same kind of meal, not a day passes without you eating. This is God sustaining you. When poverty is involved, some days, you will have no choice but to starve, and this one is not of God.

Maybe you are in the desert phase of your life when all you have is not enough and you even need to be very calculated to not lose that little, here is a little encouragement for you to understand the actions of God, his unparalleled ability to sustain you in any way and by any means before he eventually grants you entrance into his abundance.

In case you don’t know this before know now that sometimes before God brings people into a place of abundance, he first heralds it with a period of sustenance. But here is the secret. Keep trusting him and Don’t Reject Whatever He Is Using To Sustain You Presently.

No matter your condition today, always know that God will sustain you.