When you focus on something, there is full concentration of attention. There are quite a number of things we focused on perhaps while growing up as children but as we keep growing older focus keep changing, but one thing is sure. Going back to the beginning in Genesis chapter 1 where God said, “Let us make man in our own image and in our likenes”, we see that when each one of us was created, God encoded or dropped a ‘focus’ in our life. It is this focus that keeps drawing our subconscious mind within to what God want us to do here on earth. This focus is what give us a course in life and keep us in line with both God and humanity – it makes us know what to do or what we’re supposed to be doing here on earth

But the truth is, in life, so many things call for our attention and some of these things even present themselves as urgent in which only when one is careful enough will discover that they’re not all that too necessary, else, some of these things come our way and shift our focus

To be able to maintain focus, there are things one must look out for so that when they come in disguise, they would be handled properly by the help of God.

  • Desperation: When you want something so badly and you want it now! Then watch out, you’re likely to shift from your focus. I remembered when I was developing moment with God, my goal is to share – the word of God and other good things that will be a blessing to my world. But there comes a time when I was looking for money – I was very broke and I really needed money, and so I started surfing the net on how to make money, of course there were different answers on how one can make money especially from your blog or website. Little by little without even knowing it, the shift of inspiration started coming. I started re-strategizing and so many wonderful ideas where flowing. But I thank God, suddenly I came to myself by the help of God and a question rose up in my heart as if God was reminding me of the main thing. Have I forgotten why I was building moment with God? Have I forgotten the ultimate goal for starting moment with God? I know the answer in my head but I still quickly ran into the room and picked up the paper where I wrote the purpose of my project and re-read it to myself again just to make it sink. And thank God, I didn’t lose my focus. I got back to work.


  • Too Much To Do: Of course you can’t be encumbered with too many things and expect to concentrate properly. You will only lose focus of the most important. A perfect example is seen in the book of Luke chapter 10 vs 38 – 42 – the account where Jesus visited Lazarus whose sisters were Mary and Martha. You could see how Martha was so busy with the serving that she felt frustrated and complained to Jesus how her sister Mary was not helping matter by refusing to give her a helping hand. But that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing was what Mary focused on and that is – Christ.


  • Restlessness / Fear / Worry and Anxiety: This is the father of all distractions. Remember when Jesus walked on the sea and how Peter said to him, “Lord, if it be you bid me come unto thee?” and Jesus said, “Come?” Peter stepped out of the boat unto the sea with faith looking straight at Jesus as he walked towards him, but suddenly his focused shifted from Jesus to the angry wave of the sea and as a result, he began to sink. Why? Because he allowed fear, he became worried, anxious and restless. In fact, if he could have a way of flying to Jesus he would, but he can’t and he cried, “Lord, Save me!”

The question is how do you go back to your focus after being lost in the jungle of confusion or have diverted from the real thing? You know it’s not all that easy to just jump back into that focus you’ve left for a while and get that maximum or first attention, so the best way to get back to your focus is:

Pause: Put all and every activity on hold.
Retreat: Go back. Withdraw yourself from every distraction and be alone. Have time to think
Reflect: Ask yourself some questions like, “What am I doing?”, “Why am I doing this?”, “What made me start doing this?”, “How did it come about?“,  “what led to it, why did I jump into it, what was the reason?”, “What do I actually want?”
Re-trace: start tracing your steps backwards until ye get to the spot where you left your focus
Re-Focus: re-focus on your focus
Trust: trust God with your plans and depend on him for success

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