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The 9 symbolic revelation of Jesus Christ and their meaning

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Value Your Vow
Vow making is an age long practice. Sometimes, it is done in appreciation of the benevolence of the benefactor to the beneficiary. At other times, it is seen as an… Go to Devotion

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And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.

“We want to bring clarification to all your questions as well as assist you in prayers even in this trying times.”

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The 9 symbolic revelation of Jesus

The Book of Revelation is not just an inspired book of the bible but an 'unveiling', 'uncovering' or 'revealing' of...
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What should be the believers’ duty in times like this?

Presently, the world have one news as I presume you already know, and that is the Corona virus pandemic. This...
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What is water baptism and who can be baptized?

What is water baptism and who can be baptized? Matthew 28: 19 gives a brief summary of the post -...
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Your Bread of Two Days

God was instructing the children of Israel concerning the double portion of manna they were to gather on the sixth day against the seventh. But on the other hand, this passage of the scripture is also showing us the purposeful nature of God
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All Men Seek Thee

Another subtile way the devil uses to drain us both spiritually and in our over all physical state is to keep us endlessly busy
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